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Primary / Secondary Colors

What exactly are primary & secondary colors?

The app includes two color options, a primary color and a secondary color option. With these two colors that run simultaneously, the app allows you to generate millions of possible color combinations.

Press the button as shown in the above graphic, which is located directly below the Power button, to toggle between the primary and secondary color options.

The primary color is the master color for the underbody patterns. Please note that the primary color is not used with the optional interior lighting add on except with the fading colors pattern.

The secondary color is the master color for the interior lighting and the secondary color for the underbody lighting patterns. Remember, interior lighting is only available in solid color and fading colors patterns.

You may also set independent brightness’s for each of the primary and secondary colors.

Remember, the primary and secondary colors operate simultaneously. Brightness’s can be controlled independently for each primary and secondary color. Refer to the icon underneath the Power button to determine what color is currently active on the color wheel for modifying and simply tap that button to cycle between the two.