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Controller Guide

How does the controller operate?

Starting from left to right on the controller

The first button is the mode selector function. This will allow you to cycle through the 10 pre-programmed lighting modes.

The second button is the underbody color cycle function. Press & hold to cycle colors for the underbody lights.

Press & hold the first & second button at the same time allows you to change the interior color.

The third button is the speed cycle function. There are 5 preset speeds you can quickly cycle through or you may press & hold the button to gradually adjust from 0% to 100% speed.

The fourth button is the power/pairing function. The lights are off but the controller still has 12V of power, press & hold for 4 seconds to enter pairing mode. Upon successfully entering the pairing mode, the LED indicator on the controller will illuminate a solid yellow.

Important: Utilizing the controller to make changes to the mode, underbody color, interior color, and/or speed will default back to the current selections in the app once it resyncs with the controller. There is currently no option to save a preset using the controller alone.

LED Indicator:

– The controller and your device are connected and ready for use.

Flashing Yellow
– Searching for a device to connect to.

Solid Yellow
– The controller is in pairing mode and is ready to connect to a new device or reconnect to a device previously paired to it.

– Paired to a device but not currently connected.

How does the sleep mode work?

A built-in power save mode is enabled inside the controller when the lights have been off with no Bluetooth connection for 12 hours, and will draw a maximum of 0.09 amps. This has been designed to preserve your battery while still allowing a quick reconnect.

For iOS devices, after 12 hours, you will notice the LED indicator will turn off and then come back on solid red, turning to flashing yellow, approximately every 30 seconds as it is looking for a device to connect to. If the controller does not find a device to connect to, it will then go back asleep.

For Android devices, after 12 hours, the LED indicator will turn off completely and stay off until you attempt a connection to the controller using your device.

Due to this small difference, a controller paired to an iOS device will draw slightly more power during the time it is in the power save mode since it will wake back up every 30 seconds to look for an iOS device to connect to.